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The Crossing

It's the late winter of 2020 —PPEs, Zoom meetings, bleach injections, and curbside pickup are not yet part of our vernacular. We're beginning to realize the gravity of a pandemic,  though few of us can imagine what bewildering surprises lie ahead.


Bewilderment doesn't come easy to PI Francis McNally with his decades of investigative experience and no-nonsense approach: he knows how to solve crimes, and he is confident he won't be thrown off by some virus—not in New York where he lives, not in Canada where he is finishing some old business.


But the pandemic imposes the one variable he has not considered: time. A countdown clock is ticking and getting louder. Unless McNally can get his wife and himself out of danger and across the border before time runs out, there may be no going back ever. 

(And what's that thing on the book cover?)

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