Coming in early 2021


Novel 6

Not much of a title—not much of a novel yet either, but it will be in time. The actual working title is "The Crossing," though I'm not sure yet if any characters actually cross anything. I'm crossing my fingers.

I do know it's about Francis McNally, the New York PI. It's his third appearance in my novels—not a bad deal for someone who was supposed to be a bit player in Dark Time.

A lot of details need filling in and a lot of characters need a plot, but we'll all get there. Fingers crossed.*



Francis McNally is not quite finished.

In Dark Time, he failed. In Northward, redeemed himself, though he benefited more than he sacrificed.

For a man who wants to even things out in his old age, this is another chance, and maybe his last. Another missing-persons case and another journey to Nunavut. But this time there are complications–a political upheaval is brewing, and the missing person may not be missing but may be in hiding. She may herself be in danger from a new and dangerous movement.

McNally steers clear of politics, but his investigative sense may have to make room for them this time. And through it all there are murmurs of a pandemic about to strike while he's two thousand virtually uncharted miles from his wife.

If this is McNally's final case, it will be one that requires him to abandon his most salient quality–patience, in order to maintain what has always been his priority, his wife Linnie.