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DECEMBER 18, 2018


It’s not the Republican leaders against the Democratic leaders, it’s the Republican leaders against democracy…against majority rule.


GOP leadership has even divorced itself from its own party, further distancing itself from mainstream America. (I would recommend trying the following facts on your Republican friends, but chances are they already know them…and agree.)

The majority of Americans


  • want universal health care.

  • want our leaders to address climate change.

  • support a woman’s right to choose.

  • favor restrictions on lenders to avoid a repeat of 2008.

  • support rules that make voting easier.

  • oppose drilling on federal land.

  • understand the need for improved infrastructure.

  • oppose punitive tariffs.

  • oppose the mistreatment of immigrant children.

  • want stricter gun laws.


And, lest we forget, the majority of Americans favored Hillary Clinton for president.


You can add many more items to that list. Suffice it to say that Republicans take the opposite position on all of them, and in short find themselves (1) out of step with their own country and (2) tethered to a leader whose incompetence is matched only by his mental instability.


But they plow ahead. Now, when Republicans lose elections because the majority of Americans want them out of office, they rewrite the rules (cf. Wisconsin, Michigan) to ensure the fact that the majority of voters will lose out anyway.


This is no longer party politics: this is an attack on the same democratic principles that generations of veterans have fought for and generations of public servants have striven to maintain. If we no longer live in a country where majority rule means anything, what do we call this new nation? America has already been taken.


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