Book Club members

If you are a book club member—or even thinking of starting a book club—and are considering using one of my books for discussion, email me at the following address:


There are discounts (as much as 20%)  available for group purchases.

Also, if your book club has become a virtual book club, I would be happy to sit in on your session. The upside of that is, unlike my being there in person, a single keystroke can shut me up. It's win-win.

Just a note about mail during the pandemic: the novels themselves have been printed no later than January and have had plenty of time to disinfect.My contact with the books is minimal, even less if I don't sign them, and because I send them "book rate," they usually have a relaxing journey of a few days to clean themselves up. If you would like me to take special measures, I will gladly do so.