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New Novel
The Crossing



In The Crossing, semi-retired PI, Francis McNally (Dark Time, Northward) is back in Canada where the usually quiet hamlet of Baker Lake is in turmoil: a murder remains unsolved, a popular schoolteacher has disappeared, and an aggressive and bigoted nationalism has sprung up in the predominantly Inuit community. And the shameful history of the Residential Schools seems headed for a revival.

McNally's only reason for visiting is to honor an old friend who has passed on, but he will allow himself one day to help out the local Mountie—no more—before meeting his wife, Linnie, in Toronto and heading home. He is, after all, semi-retired.

But one day turns into two, and three; Baker Lake turns into Churchill and an island in Lake Huron; and the detached PI must learn to deal with uninvited assistants half his age. These amateur crime fighters not only lead him into more danger but also threaten his ability to leave Canada with Linnie before the virus shuts everything down.

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