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My Blogging Manifesto

I guess that sounds a little Ted Kaczynski-ish. I didn't mean to put you off.

But just so you know, this blog, Begging No Questions but Raising a Few, is a commentary on current events with a decidedly progressive point of view. It relies on a few simple and indisputable premises: that the current president of the United States is eminently unfit to hold the position, that the Republican Party knows this but is too craven and venal to face him down, and that the damage being done to our environment, our economy, and our status in the world will not be undone for generations.

In general I defend the rules of impeachment, the separation of church and state, women’s reproductive rights, non-discriminatory and Christian behavior toward the LGBTQ community, equitable treatment of the disabled, universal health care, and legislation that promotes sensible gun control. I support solar power, wind power, the elimination of coal, the reduction in our use of fossil fuels in general, the sanctity of federal land, public education, public radio, scientific evaluation of climate change, NFL players’ right to kneel whenever they damn well please (before and after the whistle), the New York Times, journalism in general, in short, anything that causes the president to issue an angry tweet. I oppose a wall between the U.S. and any friendly neighbor, the taxing of the poor to bloat the rich, and the isolation of America from the rest of the world.


Otherwise I have no issues.

If you can tolerate that sort of one-sided politicking along with screed after screed, please, come join me. If you can’t, no hard feelings.


Two caveats: first, I try to use facts to support my opinions. I don't do talking points. If you want to talk about Benghazi, just go there. And second, because I used to be a classroom teacher, the level of discourse does not allow for vulgarity or profanity. Boorish, misogynistic, and racist sites abound. If you choose one instead of hard feelings. 


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