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And in case we're invaded by superior consciousness, gun makers can produce slingshots.

Mitch McConnell just tweeted that some Kentucky distilleries are retrofitting their operations to make hand-sanitizer.

Now I don’t want to impugn the good intentions of those companies—I applaud their attempt—but it’s too late. Hand sanitizer is one of those products that are more prophylactic than curative—you use it to prevent the spread of a disease. By this time even someone as myopic as McConnell must know—that ship has sailed and taken all the other ships with it.

It’s too late for hand sanitizer, and pretty much too late for everything except trying to stay out of the way. This morning’s numbers are frightening and disheartening, and the prediction of at least nine more days of this kind of geometric growth beggars belief, but I’m afraid it’s true. All those doom-and-gloom predictors of weeks gone by were right, and all the people playing the flu-numbers games are about four days away from rethinking their positions.

Even so—even with all the data laid bare—the fact that this is occurring in the wealthiest and most prosperous democracy on earth is unthinkable. It’s almost as unthinkable as voting a man with no political experience, no moral compass, and no business acumen into the highest office in the land—in the world!—because “I just don’t like the Clintons.”

And still, while Rome burns, he singles out governors of plague-ravaged states who don’t kiss his boots often enough, and assails reporters who ask him to explain his own words. He is, in the end, just another huckster without an original thought in his head, a grifter who opted to save the economy instead of the people and by so doing, destroyed both.

I wrote several times last week about invoking the 25th Amendment. It’s too late for that too. He has botched this country in so many ways that we now have a mere shadow government comprising individuals either at home self-quarantined or already ill. He has insulated himself by incompetence. I never thought that was possible, but here we are.

So revel in your hand-sanitizing coup, Mitch, but before the orgasmic feeling fades, what say you give some thought to the actions of the man you have protected and enabled for over three years—the man without whom bourbon makers could make bourbon, and automobile manufacturers could produce cars, and pilots could fly planes, and doctors could treat patients instead of dying themselves. Try selling them your hand sanitizer: see where it ends up.

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