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Let's get back to business by Easter. Step one: remove the president.

Today let us all praise Connecticut’s Channel 30. Yesterday someone there made the decision NOT to carry the president's latest coronavirus pep rally, advising the viewers that if they wanted to watch, it was on the Internet.


Finally someone realized that not only is Trump lying at these events, but he is actually killing people who attach any veracity to anything he says. And the worst lie—the newest lie—will be the deadliest lie: Most Americans want the country to open up.

Statistics can deceive, so I'll let you find your own. But pay at least passing attention to mine: the idea of closing schools is favored almost unanimously; about 90% of Americans support the postponement of all sporting events and gatherings, almost as many think restaurants should remain open for take-out only. As for the numbers I'm hearing for "Most Americans," who want to open up the country? 25-30%.

As Yogi Berra is purported to have said, "You can look it up."

And his county-by-county analysis of the virus spread vis-à-vis opening businesses is so incredibly stupid and short-sighted—and potentially catastrophic—that, well it's time folks. It really is. That song with the lyrics "Time will save you/You don't need to save yourself." Not this time. It's up to us to save ourselves and each other.

This my third attempt this week to rally support for invoking the 25th Amendment, and yesterday I began to hear some murmurings. I don't think they came about from the small number of people following my suggestions, but from the desperation of seeing an obviously paralyzed nation being led by a mentally paralyzed leader.

Worst of all, his most damning and cynical lies are killing our medical professionals—the only people on the front lines of Trump's so-called war and the very same people he refuses to arm adequately. They lack even the knives to bring to this gunfight while he blithely and idiotically tells us all the medical supplies are plentiful and more are coming. They know better: so should we.

If there is any sanity at these briefings, it comes via Doctors Birx and Fauci who subtly manage to temper the lies. But their subtlety doesn't work on the un-subtle, the Trump supporters whose red hats are pulled down so far over their heads that they can neither see nor hear. The two doctors, and everyone else with a scintilla of common sense and scientific expertise, should have their own daily briefings, ones in which Trump isn't around to "interpret" and "spin," and cause more death.

I'll bet Channel 30 would carry that briefing, and we'd watch—and all be a little wiser and safer.

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