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So tired of winning. Another great success! (Oh, and apparently some have died?)

Yes. Some. 60,000 and climbing.

And yet Trumpian toady Jared Kushner has the insensitivity to call the administration reaction to the new coronavirus "a great success story."

Kushner lives in a different universe with his father-in-law and all the other idiots who continue to support the two of them...all the other idiots who never bat an eye when Trump spouts numbers as numbers, but never as victims. He's fond of saying "one is too many," but says it with the same emotion as you might describe a flat tire on your car. Yes, one is too many there too.

And yet, for Kushner—the only member of the administration actually less qualified than the head of the administration, it's a great success story—one of many for the Trump family.

Lets' look at some of them.

There was Trump Airlines with chrome seat-belt latches added to the Boeing 727. Lipstick on a pig, followed by Trump defaulting on loans and the airline being taken over by creditors.

There was Trump Mortgage. "Who knows more about financing than me?" he asked in an interview. Apparently, lots of people. Within a year and a half, Trump Mortgage had closed shop. What undid him—he the star of "The Apprentice?" Poor hiring.

The Trump line of clothing. "The problem with our country is we don't manufacture anything anymore," Donald Trump lamented once on Fox News. "Stuff falls apart. It's crap."

And Trump's clothing comes, don't wait for already know. And what doesn’t come from China comes from (you can wait for this one) Mexico.

Trump Steak was his foray into the world of food, a world that seemed inhospitable, especially when the Trump Steak House in Las Vegas was shut down for serving five-month-old duck. (You would think a man named Donald would have more respect for ducks.)

Trump Magazine—duration: a year and a half.

Trump University. Non accredited, for profit, with classes that were primarily extended infomercials. In 2016 Trump settled lawsuits against it for a total of $25 million.

The Trump Foundation—a "charitable" foundation whose gifts went primarily to Trump businesses. After investigators uncovered several potential legal and ethical violations as well as possible tax evasion, the New York Attorney General's office ordered it to immediately cease its fundraising activities "in New York".

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch called Trump "one of the great hucksters, and both echoing and anticipating the thoughts of many others.

And now, 60,000 American lives later, Trump is smug enough, thoughtless enough, callous enough, and ignorant enough to characterize his response to this virus as "successful." In 2016 he won just enough votes to win the presidency because people were fooled. He was an unknown quantity whose promises appealed to people's mistrust of the government. They were fooled by a huckster, and if they're fooled again, how many more lives will be sacrificed to his incalculable stupidity?

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