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Suggested reading, impeachment fans.

I'd like to use this blog on occasion to point out some other items of interest, and as the Sunday New York Times (1/6/19), op-ed columnist David Leonhardt wrote a lengthy piece on the impeachment of Trump—something beyond what people scream on social media because they don't like the guy.

I don't like the guy either, but from a legitimate and factual perspective, Leonhardt's piece is real ammunition, centered on four instances of the president's impeachable offenses: (I am quoting here from Leonhardt's own summary.)

  • [Trump] has accepted money from foreign governments, used the presidency to promote his businesses and hidden his personal finances from the American people.

  • He directed a criminal campaign-finance violation scheme, in the final month of the presidential campaign, and lied to the American people about it.

  • He pressured Justice Department officials to go easy on an investigation into the president himself and his campaign.

  • He attempted to undermine the credibility of multiple checks and balances on the executive branch, including the justice system, the press, the electoral system and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The complete article is brilliant—it'll take you five or six minutes to read—and it also underscores the difficulty of impeachment. No sugar-coating there.

Just though you'd like to know.

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