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Chuck Radda
Mar 10, 2019
In Works in progress
In Flood Moon, Yellowstone is real, but Sage, Montana, is fictional. In Dark Time, the "Miracle on the Hudson" is real, but the missing Keira Wilkes is made-up. In Absolute Truth, there's a Boston and there's a Pittsfield, but there's no Drayton, Mass. And in Northward, Nunavut and Baker Lake are on every map of Canada, but Autumn Industries? No. So here's my question. Does it matter? I'm asking because I'm in the process of writing a novel whose center is a major Connecticut airport. Of course there's only one of those—Bradley International (Sorry Tweed and Groton/NewLondon). From the beginning I've been calling "my" airport, Brauer International Jetport, but I'm wondering if using a real name is more immediate, or meaningful, or relatable. (Other named airports in the novel, like O'Hare are treated accurately.) The novel is about people, not about airports, but still...what do you think?

Chuck Radda

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