Just what we need: another indispensable website.

I'll try to make it less dispensable.

If you stay you'll find my blog, some other commentary, details of my novels and a way to purchase them, some peeks at future work, some casual jibes at our language, and even some photographs from my collection of photos, a few of which were actually taken on something called film.

That's the "me"part​.

The "you" part is more interesting.

Let this be the place where YOU think and write, not necessarily in that order. It was E. M. Forster who famously said "how do I know what I think until I see what I write?"

This will not be the place for the hit-and-run idiocy of Twitter. Serious thought and decent writing comprise more than some finite number of characters. Twitter is superficiality—we can all do better.

So visit often—use this as the place for your imagination to let go.

Here is a start.


And here's another. There'll be more opportunities to come.