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Another local writer and I operate Lefora Publishing, a company whose mission is to promote writing and publishing in the New England Area. And if you ever want to say our company name aloud—and we encourage that—it would be accented the same as señora or fedora or menorah or angora, even Gomorrah if that word holds any charm for you.


We have published about a dozen pieces—novels, non-fiction, and poetry. We are currently editing three works with hopes of publishing them this winter, with more on the horizon.

In addition to my own novels, some of the Lefora titles are listed below. Many are available as ebooks; others in traditional methods. If you are seeking a title and cannot locate it, email me at

by Dawn Leger:

      In Flight

      Eagle Scouting

          The Cassie Thornton Mysteries:

               Capturing the High Priestess

               Freeing the Magician

               Embracing the Fool

by David Fortier

        Paradise (Poetry)

by Frank DeFrancesco

        Did You Ever See a Horse Go By? (Autobiography)

by Steven Ostrowski

        The Highway of Spirit and Bone

If you're working on something and thinking of publication, visit the Lefora website. We welcome new writers.

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