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Guest Blogger—Tom Ward

I only wish we had stayed away from all the "collusion" BS. He knew it was going on. He didn't have to do anything. If anything, he was an accomplice.

He is still an embarrassment, divisive, etc. And from my perspective dividing the country for his own benefit is exactly why we have to vote him out.

Is he a racist? Is he all those other things we like to call him? I don't know. All I know is he will be anything he needs to be to hold on to his base. If he needs to give indications he is sympathetic to white supremacists he will do that. Does that make him a white supremacist? Not necessarily. It makes him an (ugly) opportunist.

Anything it takes.

He can embrace a black person if he or she works for him. Can he condemn a group of blacks as being stupid? If it serves his purpose. Does that make him a racist? He's just an idiot who is embarrassing our country and significantly hurting our reputation in the international community.

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