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The Deplorables, Part 2: two million Americans can be wrong.

Ever since Hillary Clinton had to walk back her use of "deplorable" to label Trump supporters in 2016, all of us never-Trumpers have been more reticent about insulting the voters and have directed our disgust to the candidates.

Enter Herschel Walker.

In today's runoff election in Georgia, he is on pace to garner somewhere in the vicinity of two million votes. Two million!

We have become inured to the big numbers, what with billion-dollar-lottery pay-offs, so here's something to inject a semblance of reality into that figure. In 2007 as a fund-raiser, an Alabama man, Jeremy Harper, decided to count to one million...aloud. He started around noon on June 18 and counted 16 hours a day. Cameras were on him constantly for his website. In the early evening of September 14, 2007, almost three months later — he reached his goal. Counting to two million would have taken him until 2008.

(Theoretically, you could reach one million in 11 days at one number per second, but it would take longer than a second to go from 757,904 to 757,905, etc.)

So a million is a significant number. The fact that a completely unqualified, morally bankrupt, and intellectually challenged middle-aged five-year-old lives in a state where twice that many voters think he's the right man for the job is almost unfathomable, even for Georgia. Yet Walker is sure to get close to two million votes today and remains only a slight underdog in the Georgia Senate race.

In retrospect, Hillary was right, even though that off-the-cuff remark energized a flagging Trump campaign. People who vote for Herschel Walker need to reassess their role as citizens. If nothing else, they are abusing one of their inalienable rights and the privilege that separates us from authoritarian countries: we get to choose our leaders. To squander that right on Walker is an them, to all of us.

I realize that most of that support is political, not personal. Most voters would not want Mr. Walker dating (or passing within a mile of) their mothers, sisters, nieces, or third cousins once removed. Still, they will choose him because he will vote with the Republicans to bolster their anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, anti-same-sex marriage, anti-science, and now apparently anti-Semitic platform. One need not be a genius to find the cynicism of voting for a candidate of turpitude to "preserve morality."

So yes, Hillary Clinton was spot-on, no matter what the cost. The deplorables elected Trump, and a smaller subset of them aim to install Mr. Walker in the formerly more prestigious of the two Congressional chambers. The House has always been the hideout of the wackos on both sides, whereas the Senate has acted as the older and wiser sibling/parent. Walker's opposition, the incumbent Raphael G. Warnock, will be at home among people who care about their country and their fellow man. Walker's lunatic and self-centered dull-wittedness will do nobody any good except himself.

Oh, and for the curious—you couldn't live long enough to count to a trillion. Then again, did you think you'd live long enough to see someone of Herschel Walker's "qualifications" contest for a Senate seat?

Might as well start counting.

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